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Trusted & Secure

Trusted & Secure

Your personal information and money are kept safe and secure.

Fast & Easy

Fast & Easy

Instant payments and cash collection for your recipients.

World Class Service

World Class Service

We’re here to help, efficiently and in your own language.

Reach & Accessibility

Reach & Accessibility

Wide payin and payout network in Southern Africa and Asia.


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  1. Welcome to Mukuru. This quick tour will take you through the essentials of sending money with us

  2. Select the currency you want to send

  3. This is where your money is going to

  4. How do you want the money to be delivered? Choose one of the available methods here

  5. Enter the amount you're wanting to send and we'll work out how much your recipient gets

  6. Or you can enter the amount you're wanting them to receive and we'll work back from there

  7. Put either amount in and click calculate

  8. Once you've calculated, the send button will be activated, if you're already signed up and logged in we'll take you straight to checkout, otherwise we'll take you through our simple registration process

  9. If you've already signed up or want to register right now, you can do that up here. If you're already logged in, you can access your dashboard and logout

  10. If you have any further questions please use this button, if it currently says "Live Chat" we're online right now and you'll be able to talk to us right away, if we're not online at the minute you can still "Email Us" and we'll get back to you as soon as we can